The story of an youngtimer… ”From Trabi to Porsche”

One of my old friend told me once that a true man should keep three things in his life to stay satisfied: care for his family, interest in his job and time for his hobbies.

And this statement had started it all. Few years ago, I ended my career of a “maximally county level hobby professional “ football player and had to find some new hobby to fill in the free time I had suddenly. Being known as a lover of all old things, at first I brought an old and dismanteled JAWA 90 and an old saw to our new house. I repaired both and that was the beginning….. My wife was arguing, even by my mother, about “all that trash” I bring home, but I was lost already…. And started to fulfill my dreams.


At the beginning, it was moped Stadion ( which a college from work wanted to get rid of), than an old Yamaha chopper (well thought through business), old scooter Hercules ( accidential business) and then I got stuck with a Trabi for few years ( business for the reason of only-men-to-Rujana-Expedition) The good news is that my two little sons ( now its approved they are mine) have taken our Trabi as a member of a family and force my wife to travel in it with us :) Must I say that after some time, there is another 10 Trabis in our village and that we will have a summer Fichtle freeride cup? Paradoxly, the weeping of another 10 wifes of the happy Trabi owners somehow pacified my wife that I could come to another base…to buy a real youngtimer to our family…


I had a tip from a friend of mine, who is even more obsessed with old engine than me ( currently 9 cars and 4 motorbikes) “kluci Truci z Krenovic u Pisku”He kept saying: you will find a same way with them, they understand us, they get the same cravings… no wife = weeping will stop them…. And that made it easy for me.  I entrusted myself in to their care and in 14 days, there was a new ( old, of course) Porsche parking in my garage from somewhere in Holland. The guys were smiling all the time and according to my full working schedule they arranged and brought me the veteran atest papers directly to my office.Just a perfect service. Even my wife likes the car and said she will try to drive even….


So if I can tell you an advise, if you want to join your wife/girlfriend in this game, and have some fun meanwhile, rely on the „Kluci Truci“company and you can….

Honza M., Pilsen