Vehicles registry

We have an interesting experience from the departments we would like to share with You. We were arranging a sale of Skoda for a friend of ours. It was in an excellent shape, while not on the road since 1996, and being renovated this year from a new parts only…. But what a number of complication around!

The owner was originaly from south Bohemia, but had to move to Prague to work. So it happened that in a technical license of the car, there was a south Bohemian address, and the owner had a Prague address in his ID. So our first step was to change his Address into Prague, which would not be a problem, if there wasn t another car found in Pribram and Benesov, under the same VIN no. which was a system fault by the way…. Repairing the system fault could take a month, but the department officer had it done only in a week, that s a point for them, indeed.

Than it was time for another visit in Prague, just to finalize everything. The department took our technical papers, so we had to put the car on a trailer and had to go through the evidence control there. That was also pretty smooth.


We had a certification to be freed of ECO fee, but that can be only applied in the place of permanent residence of the owner, in this case Zlin. That didn t work out for us… As it was not economical to drive all the way to Zlin and back, we decided to pay the ECO fee of 10 000,/ CZK which really kicked us off… because the payment must be done in another office, all the way on the other side of Prague”! When I look back now, I feel sorry, for the lady we were paying to, because I know that it=s not her fault, that s a rule. But this is not the end of our suffering. The lady told us that the highest amount she can accept is 5000,- CZK, and that we have to pay the other half in a different office ….. so we drove to a different one, through the highest traffic, with a Skoda on the trailer. Payed the other 5000,- CZK and drove back to the registration office. There, the officer found out that in evidence office, they had put a black color instead of red…… so we had to visit the evidence office again….. terrible!

I must say that the changes in the system and law are greatly thought through and will surely help to increase the number of murder and suicide in our country :)