Chevy Corvette

From time to time,I have that feeling… usualy starts the same, by watching some american movie or music video. I get that feeling that I must buy some American car. And why not? There is a wide range of an American cars that You will stand out of the line with… Huge pickups, comfortable sedans, sport Jeeps…

But if you enjoy driving, you should look for classic muscle cars. You can have lots of favourites, like Camaro, Mustang, Chevelle, Charger, Cutlass or you will fall in love with Corvette.

It is not a bad choice at all, the thing is to choose the right one. The modern one doesn`t look so impropriate due to the fact it had been imported to Europe in the past time. And the first two models climb up a price reaching a sky. So if Mr. Rothschilds had not mentioned you in his last will, than you can thing of third or fourth generation of these muscle cars.

It is only up to you if you prefer the decent line of the 80’ C4or if you choose “Coke bottle”C3. I would personally choose C3 for its lady-like curves. Common, don’t laugh, even the Coca-cola bottle is shaped like the ideal womans body shape. The voice of a fork-shaped eight cylinder engine, take off targa above your head and long bonnet before you, would you be missing anything? Not me! Just the gallon of a gas costing few cents…But when you are buying a car for fun, then you don’t want to think about some money for the gas…. You just want to ENJOY IT!