On Jawa through Balkan

For many years, we organize an expedition to some interesting destination in Europe on motorcycles Jawa and ČZ. It ́s an escape from reality for us. To have a different kind of problems and thoughts for a while. This year, we headed to Macedonia. To save some time, we took a cartrain to Kosice, where we overslept and contiued the other day through hungary to Serbia.

We saw the largest site of car scrapyards ever there! There is an enourmous number of wreckages, but the profile of cars on the street is changing, It ̈s more German than two years ago, when we were there last time. We felt like in paradise. We stayed in Macedonia for few days, visited the mountains, and settled in Ohrid, located by a lake.

On our way back, we passed part of Greek, Albania (paradise for old Mercedes lovers) all the way to Cerna Hora. In Cerna Hora, we experienced a little dissapointment while someone stole one of our helmet from a motorcycle on a beach. Also, it was full of turists, mostly from Russia. It was getting pretty warm by this time, so we always stopped for swimming and relaxing over the noon. Our motorcycles had it enough, especially in the mountains, as we did, also :) temperature around 50 C was pretty exhausting, especially when there is nowhere to hide, you just must drive on… Croatia, Slovenia and Austria went by pretty fast, as we drove up to 650 km a day, compared to 200­300 km a day speed up to this time.

We drove 3600 km in 10 days, repeared X times, met interesting people and visited beautiful places. According to the saying “ not polarity, but intensity is what counts“. We came back home on a motorcycles that we could actualy throw away (not!) and butts aching. But those experiences!