Investment in oldtimers -­ Introduction

The topic of investment in oldtimers is very wide, and in our country not very popular, actually, little bit of twisted. For a lot of people, it is like waving with a red scarf in front of the bull.

In most of the web­pages or magazines you could find at least one article about such an investment. How great it is and ending with a question why haven ́t you still bought one. But usually you will learn no facts. You can only see the arrow in the graph showing up. That is why we want to give you some information in this serie of articles.


Let’s start like in school, from the basics, and if you will stay with us to the end, we will get to the top together. Who is investor? Theoretically, the investor is financial institution or individual seeking optimal way to valorize it’s available financies. What is historical automobile? It’s an oldtimer, vintage, youngtimer, classicsport car … etc. For now, we can use the Technical codex FIVA 2010, point 5,6.

  • Class A ( Ancestor) produced before 31.12.1904
  • ­ Class B (Veteran) produced between 1.1.1905 and 31.12.1918
  • ­ Class C (Vintage)produced between 1.1.1919 and 31.12.1930
  • ­ Class D (Post vintage)produced between 1.1.1931 and 31.12.1945
  • ­ Class E (Post war) produced between 1.1.1946 and 31.12.1960
  • ­ Class F produced between 1.1.1961 and 31.12.1970
  • ­ Class G produced between 1.1.1971 and the official limit, which is max. 30 years old.


You could of course also think about the category of instant classic or young classics. Those are cars from the 90 ́s. These categories are interesting for their prices. We will use the general word „oldtimers“ in our articles.


Where you could buy such an oldtimer? If you are interested in buying oldtimer, you have several possibilities. Classic advertisement, internet ads, special selling galleries, auctions, trade shows, like the ones in Stuttgart, Classica Essen and many more.


When deciding for any investment, you must keep on mind the risk, dispose and earn expected… For the math lover, we have good news, we will put some formulas also. For Harpagones, we also have good news ­ you really can make money with oldtimers. And even for the pesimists we have good news ­ as everything, it has got it’s „…but“.

About that, we will talk in our next article…