The new­age Jawa as an appropriate investment

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Lately, a new investional phenomenon has settled in the Czech and Moravian region, following the world wide trend of investing saved financies to have some backround for the future. Of course, ideally with no risk and great return. That is what everyone is hoping for.

We have several choises. You do not have to be a specialist to recognise that the possibility of investing into securities, where you can choose from a wide range of companies with stable backround, but lower yealds in long term period. The shares connected to a higher income are also connected to higher risks. The other way of investing is well known even by our ancesters, who used to say: "The basic assumption for happy living is to own a real estate". Negative to this choise is a large initial investion, can be gainfull after a while. This fact can be relative, but we can say it is still passable. But if you do not dispone with a large amount of money for the initial investition to become a rentiere nor have the intentions of buying an apartement house, you have a third posibility, the one I mentioned at the beginning of the text. Every year, the number of people investing into technique is increasing. What I mean exactly by technique, is buying historical cars and motorcycles. It comes with a special kind of prestige and also, will guide you to a special world. Of course that a real estate can do this too, but with a little exaggeration we can say, that you cannot wear that on a party.... You cannot wear an odltimer niether, of course, but it is connected with style and fashion. There is wide range of what to choose from depending on your capital, taste, resolve and your claim to adjustment.


Another way to invest in cars is to invest into new ones. Problem of this way is that you must have a lot of time to wait until the value of your new car or motorcycle will start to increase. This must not be truth in the case of some special brands, like Tesla model 5, where the price of old piece is the same as of the new one, but if we stay standing on our feet and search around us, we will find out that company from Tynec nad Sazavou, JAWA, is still selling and developing motorcycles. Some of you could think that this company is far over it ́s zenith, but due to last year ́s annual reports, this company is raising again, mostly thanks to the new owner Jihostroj Velesin a.s., who invested into reconstruction and technology.

After the end of legendary JAWA 350/640 production, the company focused on developing a new

series of motorcycles using the great motor Rotax 650 with carburetor. This production brought up

a new typ of motorcycle to the market. it was JAWA 650 Classic, which was actualy a chopper,

designed by ing. Vaclav Kral. In 2005 JAWA 650 Style was added to this serie, being cathegorized as“naked“ designed by Ing. Ivan Dlabac. Ing. Ivan Dlabac was awarded by "good design 2005" for this motorcycle. If you would like to get one of these, disappoint you. Due to the emission norm, they are not produced anymore and if you are lucky and find one for sale, it is usually sold in minutes and very expensive. The one who was expecting a cheaper kinds of motorcycles like it was in the 80ˇs and 90 ́s J350/638/639/640, which was produced in numbers ( and the prices is from 1000 to 40000 CZK) will be surprised. This 650 style is getting pretty interesting aritcle for the collectors. Even collectors abroad recognized this trend as well as privat museums.


New motorcycles 650 were sold for price between 130000 to 160000 CZK, depending on the gear. Used motorcycles are available for the aproximately price of 130000 CZK these days. Lately, two sells of JAWA 650 were recognized. First one was bought as show promodel in 2007 for 120000 CZK. After eight years, the owner sold it to Germany for the same price. The second motorcycle was bought new for 150000CZK and was sold in the Czech Republic for 160000 CZK. Most of those who bought JAWA from the production keep it for themselfs, nad either buy a recent model JAWA 660 Stoppard, or some other. If you are still determined to buy one, I can recommend to follow all internet pages and abroad (but that will definaty mean to count on even higher prices than in CZ)


If I cought your attention with all these informations, please continue reading. In it ́s recent portfolio, this company has got a new JAWA Sportard with well known middle capacity engine Minarelli 660. This model, inspired by JAWA Dakar, has got a very unusual look. You will either love it or hate it, but surely, it will catch your attention. No one knows how long it will be produced, so in the matter of investition, there is nothing to wait for. The fact that JAWA is making all the motorcycles on the bases of preorder and by hand, the waiting list as the terms are long. Basic price is quite usual for this type, it is 168500 CZK. Some of you now probably think about all the motorcycles you could get for this price, but keep on mind that JAWA Sportard , even thought it is highly valued for driving abilities and quality of used components ­ is not a motorcycle with the newest technique, like many others. But if you view it from the point of price stability and originality, it must be seen as a very interesting piece. To meet it on Czech roads is a fiest. Most of the production is sold abroad, and not only Russia and Cuba as past times. You can search for used one, but probably unsuccessfully. This is why used one will cast you almost the same price as the new one.


It depends on you how you will invest your finances, everywhere lies a little bit of risk. Or you can forget all you just read and what modern society is teaching us, buy a nice mattress and sew all your money into it every month. If choosing this way, just remember well, into which mattress you sew all the money. Not like my friend who sold it with all the money inside thinking " It's just an old mattress".

-- Jiri Cejpek --

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