Oldtimer investment part 1

All the webs are describing a situation in economics like Germany, USA or UK. There is an economic boom, but we are in Czech republic, and the situation here is quite different. We have just one thing in common with these countries and that is that we, as the others, are the origin of automobiles industry. Czechoslovakian country before WW was on the top in producing cars, so we have a good backround in this area. As we say, we have „gas in our veins“.

This fact predicts our trend. For example, countries like Bosnia or Ukraine do not have any of this, like history, backround, not talking about the roads… Of course that the trend will spread even to these countries, if they ever develope…

Yes, it is possible to make pretty good money on oldtimers, as we can see at auctions, and statistics of the oldtimer market in the past 10-20 years. There are few cars, which are raising up and it looks like nothing will stop them. The question is how it can get affected by the petroleum market. We must ask such questions, because we are investing in long time period…


If we look at professional investors (investments in milion – cars), this will probably not affect him much. These cars are not for driving. Why amortize such an investment. But not using it at all can be the worst for the car…


Another type of investors are the ones that like to take their oldtimer for a ride in the countryside. And enjoy it. They buy much cheaper cars. To invest and to enjoy, also. It is much more of a risk, but also much more of a fun, don´t you think? There is one big danger, though. You could fall in love with the car… In this case, the price of fuel will probably affect you slightely…


Another group of investors are dealers. Speculating, trying to sell , pushing hard. Buying cheaper invetitions, reparing them ( usualy not very properly) and the customer is usualy dissapointed after a while.


It is hard to say if the last group can still be called investors, it´s more like burying cars…. They buy cheap cars and dismantle them to part to sell, which in some cases can be more affective. Every group is a part of the market and has it´s own behaviors, which we will talk about in our next articles.

We will try to explain possibilities how to make money with oldtimers.
Guaranteed, of course…!