Classic car restoration

Are you thinking about purchase of a classic car?

Your first intersection is between the original car, restored car or vehicle before restoration.

If you have a higher amount of money, the best solution is to buy the original or a finished car and just drive. But when don't have enough resources at the moment or you can't find a vehicle in desired condition, there comes the restoration. After time every car needs to be checked and few things need to be replaced. Starting with filters, candles and ending with repairing paint and rusty places.

There are plenty of skilful mechanics, but not everyone can also work with old cars. For example Skoda can be repaired almost by everyone, but speaking about Porsche or Mercedes. That's something else. You have to work differently with classic cars. Professional care and experiences are needed. Very specific. So it is better to put your classic car in professional's hands. They simply look and see. The work takes them less time. They can get replacement parts faster and in many cases cheaper. So at the end they save you the money.

We have prepared a professional repair service as same as complete restoration of classic cars. The work is made by very experienced team. They can handle everything from minor repairs, engine tuning up to the body work, paint or upholstery repair or restoration. Our people are so reliable and we can guarantee their professional work. After agreement you can wisit their work shop close to Vrchlabi or simply take a look on their work below.


Jaguar E-type


body repair, complete restoration and sports tuning of chassis, complete repair of suspension and brakes, sealing of the engine

Volkswagen Beetle cabrio


complete restoration of body, new paint, complete restoration of the roof, chassis repair

Saab 96

complete restoration of body, new paint, chassis repair

BMW 1802


body parts repair, new paint, chassis, engine repair



complete restoration of body, new paint, engine and chassis repair

Mini GT Sport

complete restoration of body, new paint, complete restoration of engine, sport modifications of the chassis and brakes

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