Get a classic car

'cos life with one is breathtaking and full of extraordinary experiences

Do you want to be different and experience the true adventures in a classic car?

Then just get one. We specialize in vehicles from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, but we are also able to meet your highly specific requirements and import vehicle from anywhere else.

We will help you with choosing the right vehicle, with its purchase as well as provide transport and registration / insurance options. It's very simple.

1) Vehicle Search and Selection

We do not work the way the most retailers do - cheaply buy, fix up and then sell dearly. First of all, we learn exactly what your idea is and then based on that we search for a suitable car. At the same time we prepare an offer / preliminary calculation, which we review and confirm together. Hence you know in advance how much our service will cost you. And when you decide on a specific vehicle, we contact the seller and arrange an appointment (to purchase the vehicle). We act as mediators importing the vehicle.

2) Professional assessment of the vehicle

The selected vehicle is checked out personally to make you aware of overall technical condition as well as all strong points and possible shortcomings / pitfalls. We do not conceal any flaws in order to sell you the vehicle - we deal with you straightforward. If you want to join us, check out the car in person and be part of the whole purchase process – you are very welcome. Otherwise, we call you and deal with all the pros and cons of the chosen vehicle via phone. It's always up to you to decide whether you buy it or not.

3) Vehicle Purchase and Transport

We purchase the chosen oldtimer and then deliver it to your door. If you need to park the vehicle somewhere suitable, we also offer a parking option on our premises (additional charges apply). This way, your newly purchased set of wheels will be parked in a safe and dry place for as long as you require.

4) Zajistíme za vás povinnosti na úřadech

Provozování veterána sebou nese několik povinností. Ty za vás vyřídíme, abyste nemuseli čekat fronty na úřadech. Zajistíme vhodné pojištění pro vašeho veterána– vyplníme všechny nutné formuláře– zaregistrujeme vašeho veterána do registru– dopravíme vám registrační značky na vůz a uděláme pořádek v papírech– poradíme

Our fees are fair and we do not hide them – so here they are:



If we manage to get a discount on the vehicle purchase price, we split it in half and share it with you - it is our motivation to buy your vehicle at the best price possible.

Just send us an email to get more information about our conditions and prices.


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