Our story


and we are crazy about cars older than us

Our story is rather simple, we are the Truc brothers and we are crazy about cars that are older than us. This is happening since our childhood, most likely caused by the presence of old magazines such as “Svět Motorů“ or „Auto Motor und Sport“ from our grandfather. He was receiving many of them from his sister, who worked (under the previous regime) in the foreign press office. Since all magazines inappropriate for communist general public were pulled off the market, our grandfather (and us afterwards) had lots to read.

As many village boys, we started to ride old Pionyrs (small motorbikes), then came along real bikes such as CZ 150 or “Kyvacka” and then all went ballistic. In those days, nobody considered these machines as oldtimers, rather as old wrecks. Our driving hunger has not stopped there and still without a license, we went on to drive Škodas, Dacias and similar, as we used to say "to the fields ....".

Our first proper car, however, was an oldtimer - Ford Capri 2.3 Automatic. It was then when we realized it is not going to be for racing neither for daily driving. The way to legal ride was not easy however, the process of getting oldtimer license plates took almost a year. This became afterwards the impulse for founding our club.

During our high school time, we got together with our friends and founded the Historical Vehicle Club Křenovice (KHVK). We applied for an official oldtimer evaluation commissioner status and successfully met all the required conditions. We also organized our first local oldtimer car gathering. Originally, it was only intended as a small event on our village central square, but our expectations were a little overwhelmed – more than 60 cars arrived. Shortly, this event became a tradition that regularly attracts more than 150 participating oldtimer crews, which makes us really proud and happy. We also help out other South Bohemian clubs with planning their events.

Meanwhile, our own car collection has grown a bit - aside four Ford Capri’s we added a couple of BMWs and one BMW Alpina. The Alpina brand has impressed us so much, that we have founded the Alpine Club of the Czech Republic, which links together fools alike. Another important encounter has been meeting with Marek from Zpátečka (Reverse gear), with whom we invent and bring to live a lot of freakish events, such as “Moronic crap talks about oldtimers” and other funny videos, “24 Hours La Zpátečka“ (one remaining Žiguly still serves as a reminder) or a trip to LeMans weekend.

All this has resulted in our private project called "Veterani na Truc". Here we want to focus on the possible fun with old and/or older cars and show them in a different light. We want to help people with an acquisition of an old car and ease the long road for the "beginners", so they do not have to walk alone the way we did. Whether it concerns the purchase of a vehicle, its registration, daily operation, storage or other tasks that are associated with it, we are here to help.

We are pleased that you have visited us here online. We would be also happy to meet you in person at one of the upcoming oldtimers’ events and/or assist you otherwise.

Jiri & Ondrej